Have you ever wondered what it would be like to zip through the treetops on a dark, moonless October night ? Imagine feeling your hair whip in the wind as you soar over trees and rivers. 

There's no telling if you'll make it to your destination without having to dodge an unexpected obstacle, like a ghostly apparition or some other spooky creature that doesn't want you there. But that won't stop you from taking this adventure!

Need to Know Info

Tickets are $75 per person
Necessary equipment will be provided to all guests.



No refunds or reschedules to any other event (only 4 day event) 
If you have epilepsy or are sensitive to bright lights we do not recommend this event. 

If you are scared of heights, the dark, or scary things this event might not be for you!

Participant safety is our utmost priority, and no guests will be harmed or physically touched during this event. All spooky creatures will be on the ground, leaving you to fully enjoy your nighttime zipline experience in safety.